Node.js Tutorial For Beginners

Node.js handles complicated things in a simple manner. that’s the specialty about it.Many thinks node.js is a tough approch to be followed.But node.js follows a diffrent approch (callback approch) and not a tough one.Cool thing about node.js is lots of libraries are there to make things simpler.So understanding how node.js works is important for a developer.This is a colelction [...]

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Node.js Tutorial

Node.js Tutorial

Server side javascript ! sounds wow right. Node.js is nothing but javascript executing at the server. It uses Google v8 engine.v8 engine is used by chrome browser to execute javascript.Node is evented I/O which makes it non blocking. Thus it is efficient. Why Javascript? Javascript has the ability to pass the reference of the function [...]

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CSS Form Design Template Without Table

This post is for the persons who need to have clean layouts in forms without the table layout.I have developed a small piece of code using which forms can be customized to any layout.Feel free to reuse this code in your projects.You could play around with it.You could straightly add this css code in your [...]

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Blueprint Css Framework Tutorial

Blueprint is one of the css grid system .It is similar to twiter bootstrap which is known for its popularity.Blueprint gives a good start for our project by makeing padding,margin to 0.Main advantage of using these kinds of frameworks is we dont need to bother about the cross browser issues.Even for IE it works fine.This [...]

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WordPress Cheetsheet For Template Design

This tutorial is for beginners who wants to code their own theme for the wordpress cms.It  will give a basic outlook of the things needed for a  wordpress template.For a detailed documentation refer – LINK . This tutorial contains the list of files and their purpose in the template and a sample wordpress template code for [...]

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Jquery slideshow tutorial for beginners

For people who are in need of resources for jquery slideshow tutorials, this is the place for you.It has the bunch of tutorials in web that is meant for beginners.Every tutorial is explained a step by step manner.Some of the tutorials uses jquery cycle plugin for making it simple. 1.WEBTUTS: Surprised! . Its one of the post [...]

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Slideshow In Jquery And Css3 Tutorial

Slideshow could be implemented in many ways.This tutorial is about how to make an awesome slideshow at the same time in simple steps using jquery and css3.Advantage of using this in your project is you will be knowing the function of each and every line of code in this script, hence you could change it [...]

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CSS3 Media Query Tutorial – Make Your Existing Website Responsive

I have posted some weeks ago about the web design tips for responsive design-(LINK) , as many readers requeseted for an another version of the tutorial on responsive design am making this tutorial on media queries.Css3 Media queries Tutorial should be very common in web so am not going to say  just  how to use [...]

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popup box

CSS3 Popup Box For Login Form

Popup modal is a basic functionality that every one uses in their websites.But using JavaScript or a jquery framework for popup forms is not really needed when we can do awsome popup forms in css (css3) itself.Most importantly ,It is supported in all major browsers that support css3.This is going to be a tutorial about how to build popup [...]

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RESTful API Tutorial For Beginners

In many cases we say that using REST API we get the response. What does this REST API Really Means ?! This is Going to be a tutorial about the REST API and also what all things that has to be considered when designing a RESTful API.I like to keep myself short and simple so [...]

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